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Neck Piece

The Centurion Neck Piece is a portable battery operated unit made with a heavy cotton twill for durability. It is especially designed to treat the neck of the horse with two coils, one on each side of the neck. The …


The Centurion Therapulse is a battery operated unit which contains 10 coils and can be used to treat all of the body at the same time. The blanket is constructed of a heavy cotton twill for standing up to lots of wear and tear. A very popular model because of its ease of use, its battery feature allows for unencumbered use with no wires needing to be draped into stalls…

Centurion Boreas CS

The new Centurion Boreas is the latest in cold compression therapy. It uses a combination of ice in a therapeutic setting and compression. The ice lowers the temperature of the injured tissue decreasing its metabolic rate and preserving the tissue while compression is used to increase the external pressure on the tissue relieving internal swelling. Common applications for cold compression are post workout therapy, injury prevention, sprains, strains, cellulitis, tendonitis and bowed tendons to name a few.



The 9PH is a great unit for the barns or stables, the generator is compact and easily moves where the treatment needs to be. Like all Centurion products it has been designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life around horses.

Centurion Transpirator

The Centurion Transpirator is easily a horseman’s greatest asset when working with respiratory conditions. A key feature is that it’s drug-free. Not only is this better for the horse, it can be used during competition…

Hoof Pad

The Hoof Pad is one of our latest addition to the Centurion family equipment. This revolutionary product has come to fulfill many of the horsemen’ requirements in a therapy. The Hoof Pad is an accessory designed to operate with either of the powered machines — 4PH or 9PH.

Mini Pulse

Therapulse Camel

Kennel Pad