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Tesla Technology for Health

Centurion therapy products have been in the veterinary marketplace since 1979. The Company was established in Alberta, Canada and rapidly expanded to Eastern Canada. Presently, Centurion is well recognized worldwide, having offices and dealers in over 22 countries, and still expanding.

Its manufacturing facilities remain in Calgary, Alberta where our group of Engineering Specialists design all Centurion equipment to the highest available standards; Centurion is ISO 13485:2003 Registered Company. Full quality control and complete product testing are standard components of the manufacturing process, to ensure our equipment is ready to fill today’s market requirements.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to Create Innovative Solutions that add to the current Standards and Practices on the Treatment of Chronic Pain and Disease.

Our Mission

Our mission is to Manufacture, Market and Sell the best Engineered PEMF Therapy Products that exceeds Our Customers expectation with Quality Service, Durability, and the highest Government Standards in the Manufacturing of Certified Medical Equipment in Canada

Our Testimonials

Find out what people are saying about us

Brandon Mashinter, Hockey Player Chicago Blackhawks

I have used the EZY system for the past 9 months for a lower back injury and it has worked really well. I was experiencing constant soreness, stuffiness, and a shooting pain. The EZY system helped me not only with these symptoms but also to recover after practices and games.

Erin Pullen, Big Eventing

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful product. I’ve had my magnetic blanket since 2000, when I was training racehorses. I saw the benefits then and I use now on my Three-Day Event horses. I’ve never had any issues with my system since I’ve owned it. I’m just thrilled with it. My horses too!

Megan Jordan, Venture Farms Owner/Trainer Leading Northwest Grand Prix Rider

The Centurion System helped put and keep our horses at the top of their game. All riders are worried about the effects of a hard competition on our horse’s bodies. We have seen an immense difference in the comfort level and recovery of our horses. The Centurion System is easy to use, compact, and durable, making the treatments easy under any conditions; it’s an unbeatable system.

April Steiner Bennett, Olympic Pole Vault

In 2008 I qualified for the Women’s Pole Vault on the USA OLYMPIC Track and Field team. Knowing that I had severe and painful nagging hamstring issues, I still competed and ended up 8th in the world at the Beijing Olympic Games. It wasn’t until after this Olympics that I found PEMF. My injury was so bad, (an avulsion fracture of the head of the Biceps Femoris on one hamstring, and a tear in the head of the Biceps Femoris on the other hamstring) that my training was at a standstill, and my Olympic dream was being tested. PEMF has allowed me to fully recover in a timely manner and I NOW have another chance at another Olympics. The 2008 Beijing Olympics brought the dream into a reality, but the PEMF keeps my body strong and more than healthy enough to train hard and compete even harder as I head into the next Olympic Games. This PEMF is a MUST for every athlete and training camp.